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5 Reasons To Eat A Handful Of Walnuts A Day

5 Reasons To Eat A Handful Of Walnuts A Day

They can improve your memory. A 2012 Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease report found that eating walnuts as part of a Mediterranean diet was associated with better memory and brain function. The antioxidants in walnuts may help counteract age-related cognitive decline and even reduce the risk of neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer’s.

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Eating for your liver

– Avocado

– Beets

– Olive Oil

– Garlic

– Apples

– Lemon/Lime

– Leafy Greens

– Green Tea

– Walnuts

– Tumeric

– Grapefruit

– Okra

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100 Sit-ups Challenge with my Smart Wonder Core

What helped me get a small waistline was a few things:

  • Liver Cleansing from Wholefoods or Amazon – Called Gaia Herbs Liver Cleanse Liquid
  • I did the atkins diet for months – phase 1 i stayed on for about 2 months not 2 weeks
  • Eliminating sugar from my diet – no added sugar to be exact – i eat fruits and natural sugars as much as I can – lately if i have oatmeal i use a little raw honey no artificial sweetners like Splenda – Stevia is another options
  • Low carb diet – paying attention to your carb intake is important – so i try to eat more meat and veggies or poultry and veggies
  • Exercise any body part each day – making an effort to work out is important – i try to do 100 sit-ups with this smart wonder core and work out my heart with some cardio with my at home bicycle – i would love to buy a real cool hi tech treadmill this year
  • Mentally and physically getting ready
    • Clean out your fridge and pantry to have no sugar low carb items in it
    • Buy cute workout gear
    • Create a super fun cool music playlist on spotify or on your phone
    • Buy cute interior clothes to see yourself in
    • Plan your lunch so get a lunchbox or bag to bring to work
    • Drink Water
    • Drink Lemon Water
    • De-clutter your house so you are mentally in a good place because your environment is organized
  • I will add more as I think… ❤️😘🤗

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Eight Toxic Weight Loss Thinking Traps You Should Avoid

Eight Toxic Weight Loss Thinking Traps You Should Avoid

When you think about weight in “all or none” terms, have unrealistic expectations, or define your self-worth only in terms of weight, you become too hyper-focused on weight loss, creating anxiety and obsession that can derail your attempts to live healthier Don’t be a victim of these eight common “weight thinking traps” and learn to replace them with healthier views.

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