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Become Who You Were Born to Be: We All Have a Gift. . . . Have You Discovered Yours?

Become Who You Were Born to Be: We All Have a Gift. . . . Have You Discovered Yours? - Brian Souza
Become Who You Were Born to Be: We All Have a Gift. . . . Have You Discovered Yours? – Brian Souza

I always felt inside that I had a gift.  That there was something so much bigger that I was here for.   That I had a purpose.   That every single thing that happened to me happened to me for a reason.  That I was to learn from my experiences for this ultimate purpose.    Today I feel I have found it.

That is amazing to me because life can be so hard sometimes.   You ask yourself “why me?”  I am here to tell you that if you can see past the pain and the hardship that there is a buried treasure just waiting for you to see.   That you are more than what you are going through today.

I remember growing up in a one bedroom apartment with my mom, dad and sister.   One bedroom.   It was so hard to share a room with my parents.   I had no privacy.  No place to cry alone or even a place to study alone.   My sister and I celebrated when I was 17 years old when I finally got my own room.   My own room meant the world to me.

My room allowed me to study in peace.   I became a book worm.    I loved to study and learn.   Psychology was my passion.  I loved it!   I could not get enough of self help books.   They were my escape.

I remember in high school when I took a college now class on Psychology 101 and actually got an award.   Now why did I not study Psychology?  As much as I loved it, I felt I would go crazy if I studied it.   I decided to go to college and take what my sister took.   Fashion.  Yes Fashion!

I took fashion and I was miserable.   I was in a class with students that loved to talk about textiles and all i wanted to study was the human brain.    I was a C student.

In my first quarter in college I was in a group dynamics class where I was the leader and I had to decide on the topic for the group.   I was actually going to the Dominican Republic with my dad on a trip and I decided to get a couple of books from the library on how to choose a career based on your personality.    Since I was in fashion and didn’t feel it was a good fit, I decided to learn about what I was experiencing.

I studied Myer Briggs Personality Types.   I studied how important it is to wake up in the morning and love what you do.   After my research and talking to my dad about how unhappy I was with fashion, I decided to not go into Psychology but instead to do Marketing which is more Psychology and Business intertwined in my opinion.   Consumer behavior.

I became a straight A student in Marketing.   I realized then that loving the subject you study is critical to your success.

So after a few years of working, I ended up reading this book.   This book reinforced what I had learned in college.    It talks about the most successful people and how by them following their passion they became successful.   We all have passions.   The difference is that some people focus on what they love and some ignore what they love.

This book will help you re-focus on your true purpose.   What you love.

I truly believe that if you are reading this it is for a reason.   That however it is that I met you that at this very moment you were meant to read this.   Crazy as it may be for me or you.

This book made me pay attention to my true gifts.   I recommend this book to anyone that feels stuck.   I guarantee it doesn’t happen right away.   Happiness does not happen overnight.   It takes work.  It takes determination.  It takes struggle.

When you want something so bad.  You will make it happen.   There are no excuses.

It took me forever to even get to write this.  I read like a thousand books for me to break free and numerous mentors.    It took work.   A lot of work.  Self doubt.  Insecurities.  You name it.


“Do you ever feel burned out, beat up, or just plain bored, wondering, “Is this all there is?” Do you ever feel trapped in a stressful job that leaves you unhappy and unsatisfied? Do you ever question if you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing—if you’re fulfilling your life’s purpose? If so, you are not alone.

Like millions of Americans, Brian Souza found himself in this precarious position a few years back. Despite attending dozens of motivational seminars and devouring the best the self-help industry had to offer, Souza was left wanting more. The turning point came when he finally realized it wasn’t artificial motivation he was after; he was really searching for a legitimate reason to be motivated. Thousands of hours of research and countless interviews later, Souza finally uncovered the secrets he was looking for all along:

Just as musicians must make music, poets must write, and artists must paint, we all have a unique gift designed for a specific vocation that will bring both meaning and purpose to our lives. True joy and happiness will continue to elude us until we use that gift to become who we were born to be.

Become Who You Were Born to Be is a blueprint for discovering your unique gift and using it to realize your personal and professional potential. Souza’s program for achieving success in all areas of life reveals:

• Four steps to discovering your gift, uncovering your passion, and unlocking your purpose
• How to overcome fears and deal with change
• How to work passion into your profession
• Why a midlife crisis should be celebrated
• How to stop stressing and start living
• How to diagnose and fix flawed life patterns
• The untold secrets of top achievers

To illustrate his life-changing philosophy, Souza relates true stories of everyday people and world-famous celebrities—including Lance Armstrong, Amy Tan, Sylvester Stallone, Garth Brooks, and Oprah Winfrey—who became heroes by overcoming adversity and squeezing every ounce of opportunity from their gifts.” (

Become Who You Were Born to Be: We All Have a Gift. . . . Have You Discovered Yours?

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