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High reliability organization

High reliability organization – Wikipedia

Defining high reliability and specifying what constitutes a high reliability organization has presented some challenges. Roberts initially proposed that high reliability organizations are a subset of hazardous organizations that have enjoyed a record of high safety over long periods of time.


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Alphabet Inc. – Google’s Parent Company

Alphabet Inc. – Wikipedia

Alphabet Inc. is an American multinational conglomerate created in a corporate restructuring on October 2, 2015. It is the parent company of Google and several former Google subsidiaries. The two founders of Google assumed executive roles in the new company, with Larry Page serving as CEO and Sergey Brin as President.

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How I Study…

One technique I use when I need to study is that I re-write whatever I need to absorb.   Many people have trouble retaining the information so by doing this I am mentally recording what I am trying to learn.

Also, what I like doing is transcribing from a video or audio to really listen to what is being said.  This allows me to pick up on things that I normally do not pick up on when I listen to something naturally.


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Inside the Artificial Intelligence Revolution: A Special Report, Pt. 1

Inside the Artificial Intelligence Revolution: Pt. 1

Welcome to robot nursery school,” Pieter Abbeel says as he opens the door to the Robot Learning Lab on the seventh floor of a sleek new building on the northern edge of the UC-Berkeley campus. The lab is chaotic: bikes leaning against the wall, a dozen or so grad students in disorganized cubicles, whiteboards covered with indecipherable equations.


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