Decisions have consequences





When I took a class in college called decision making, it really changed my mind about how important it is to make decisions in our lives because for every decision their is a consequence…BUT…there is an intellectual side to us and then there is a more impulsive instant gratification side to us…TODAY…I realize the difference…and am fully aware that we as individuals can be very smart BUT also very impulsive which can make us very mindless instead of mindful when making decisions…not making a decision is a decision because not making a decision has a consequence…the goal is to start and continue making mindful choices because when you make mindless choices you get consequences the smart mindful you does not want…

I believe that we all can get into a state that I call “fuck it mode” (please excuse my language) where we feel crappy or are not motivated and just continue in this downward spiral…Why? Well if you eat the doughnut and feel fat you – you say “fuck it” i’m going to eat another doughnut…what difference does it make? you say to yourself…your in debt and you know you can’t afford something and you say “fuck it” I’m already in debt so why not?…It goes back to the pain or pleasure principle where we seek pleasure over the pain…so how do we change? Below are some things that help me but require me to really focus (disclaimer – sooooo not easy to be mindful sometimes)

1. Recognizing you have an issue

2. Feeling enough pain to change the issue at hand

3. Support (people that don’t put you down and are compassionate – that don’t make you feel crazy)

4. Baby steps (don’t overwhelm yourself with trying to fix an issue/habit that took a while to acquire overnight)

5. Learn about the issue or go to a professional that knows more about the subject you are trying to fix

6. Learn from others – if you know of someone that has what you want – learn from them or read about them – they can serve as a mentor to you

7. Be mindful about everything – when we are mindless it is so easy to make poor decisions – let me repeat this – when we are mindless it is soooooo easy to make poor decisions – we need to start paying attention to all areas of our lives and this is soooooooo not easy – and we need to pay attention to the consequence of each decision we make

8. Focus on you – when we are too concerned about others we neglect ourselves – this means anyone that is in your life – when you take care of you – you can take care of others a whole lot better

9. Running or avoiding is sooooo easy and feels so good if you are used to this way of dealing with issues – again being mindful will allow you to recognize running or avoiding patterns or your coping mechanisms

10. Don’t get defensive – it is extremely easy to get defensive when you don’t want to talk about your issues because nobody and I mean nobody wants to feel crazy but only through constructive critism can we develop – so sometimes as hard as this is…we need to listen

That’s all I got for now but i hope this reaches at least one person…I believe all of the things I have been through and am going through happen to me for a reason…I believe the reason is to help others through my journey of self discovery and self improvement…remember life is a journey not a destination…

Originally posted 2016-11-26 06:59:15.