Escaping the Grip of Emotional Pain

Escaping the Grip of Emotional Pain

If trying to boost your mood leaves you unhappy – or you just keep sinking back into unhappiness – it’s not working. Don’t give up, but do consider an alternative approach. To feel happy, sometimes you first need to embrace being upset.

One of my observations is that sometimes when we experience pain from a traumatic experience or stay stuck in the past… we tend to avoid remembering, can’t remember or want to distract ourselves to not think about the experience or negative thoughts.   What happens is we suppress those thoughts and emotions because they are too painful to handle or at least we believe they are too painful to handle so we avoid them but distracting ourselves.

The biggest issue I find with avoiding, suppressing and distracting ourselves is that we are not happy.    How can we be happy if we are only living part of life and not allowing ourselves to live fully?

So far from my research on PTSD and Mindfulness I am realizing more and more that in order to heal we must be ready to deal with the uncomfortable feelings and emotions that we have been trying to avoid for so many years.   The only way to develop is to fight not flight.   To stop running and to start facing.

For many people this may sound easy but it is not.   It is one of the most challenging things to do for a person that experienced pain in the past.

Stay tuned because the more I research this topic, the more I will be posting my observations.

I am no professional expert but I definitely have a lot of passion around this subject and want to help people break free of their emotional prison.   People that have experienced pain or trauma deserve to live and unfortunately have stayed stuck on an event or numerous events in the past that have caused them pain…like a movie that keeps replaying itself.


Originally posted 2016-10-15 08:47:06.