Homeless man called a bum, this will change your perspective

I watched this video last year and it really touched my heart.   We never know where we will end up in life.   Where our journey will take us.

I was raised with not a lot of money.   My dad worked so hard to provide and put food on the table.    I saw how both my mom and my dad struggled at times but they did it.   My sister and I will forever be grateful.

Sometimes people deserve a chance.   A chance to start over.

We sometimes take things for granted like the bed we sleep in, the food we eat, the bathroom we shower in.   Others don’t have that privilege.    At times we complain about the little things that are insignificant.

We don’t know what we don’t know.   If we have never walked in a person’s shoes how would we know what that person goes through?   This man in the video says it is humiliating to ask for money.   Imagine being in his shoes.   How do you get a job when you have no place to live or a phone or even clean clothes?

I’ve read a lot of stories of homeless people that were actually not homeless and made a lot of money by conning people into believing that they were homeless.    No wonder some people don’t give to the homeless because of these individuals that were con artist.

My grandma taught me a life lesson one day when i was real young.   She gave this man that looked drunk money and I asked her “Why did you give him money?  He probably will get more drunk” and she said “You do not know that man’s story and I am giving him money because I want to.   What he does with it is his choice.”  She impacted me because it is true everyone has a story and everyone deserves to not be judged.   We sometimes take a risk if we give money to a stranger but I usually am ok with taking that risk.   I hope in my heart that if I give a person money that they use it for what they need at that moment in their lives.

Watch this video.   Life is not easy.   We all have a  story.   One day I will give tons of money to the homeless.   I can’t wait for that day!


Originally posted 2016-06-08 16:24:08.