Modell’s Undercover Boss Episode
Homeless Employee Angel
Gets Another Chance To Start Over

I’ve watched a lot of Undercover Boss episodes and each one has inspired me in different ways.    I will never forget this one.

The CEO of Modell’s went to a Modell’s store to find out how the store was doing and ended up meeting one of his employees named Angel.   In the back room she tells him that she is homeless and he could not believe it.

Being a CEO of a major company is very time consuming but when you actually take the time to get to know your employees it can create a company culture like no other.    Is it all about the bottom line or is it also about your people?   When you have a loyal team of people that actually care about your business, the customers will notice and so will the competition.

I was looking for this video all over and could only find this international one where the quality isn’t great but it is enough to show you why I loved it so much.


Originally posted 2016-06-09 12:46:27.