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Your Closets, Your Clutter, and Your Cognitions
Jennifer Baumgartner Psy.D.

Your Closets, Your Clutter, and Your Cognitions

Organizer Regina Leeds tells all!

This is a great article and something that I feel will inspire all of us to get rid of stuff that is in our environments that we just don’t need.   You don’t have to necessarily get rid of it but it does not have to be in your daily space or view.

In order for me to be productive and work on multiple projects, I must have a clean organized environment.    It makes my world feel better.

This article and the previous video I posted on clutter is making me think about my junk draw and any draw that I have that is messy.   I want to take baby steps in decluttering.   Join me!

If you have a pretty dress or a nice piece of clothing that someone else could use, let it go.

There is a sense of relief in our minds when we are organized and so for me that is what is driving my research on how the mind is affected by the clutter around us.


Originally posted 2016-06-17 00:47:06.